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Kawaii Cast Iron Teapot

kawaii cast iron teapot

 Kawaii Cast Iron Teapot
*Includes stainless steel tea filter
Only $25!

Complete Kawaii Cast Iron Teapot Set
Includes 2 matching cups with saucers, 1 stainless steel tea filter, and 1 matching trivet.
Only $35!


The Kawaii pattern represents the tranquility and serenity associated with the ancient art of tea. Our cast iron teapots are fully enameled on the inside and come with a stainless steel filter for your tea leaves. Simply pour boiling water over your leaves, steep until desired tea strength is reached and enjoy! Cast iron teapots are not only beautiful and expressive but also functional.

Model: CITP-YS-077-BMG
Capacity: 26 Ounces / .77 Liters
Net Weight (kg): 1.74
Dimensions (cm):  18 x 18 x 7.5
Stainless steel tea filter included
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