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EZ Magic Towels

The Magic Towel that you can take anywhere!

1 Bag of 50 : $9.95

3 Bags of 50 (150 total): $19.95

5 Bags of 50 (250 total): $29.95

Magic EZ Towels are incredible. Now you can have a clean, sanitary EZ Towel wherever you are - in the car, on a plane, at these movies - instantly. All you need are a few drops of water and you will have a moist, soft EZ Towel to help clean up the kids or wipe your face and hands. You'll want to keep EZ Towels in your purse, glove compartment, office desk drawer, diaper bag, tackle box, pants pocket and whenever you're away from home.

 •Just a few drops of clean water, hot or cold, and the EZ Towel instantly starts expanding like magic. The kids will look forward to getting their mouths wiped just to watch them grow. •Find the end and unroll the 220mm x 240mm (8.7" x 9.4") EZ Towel.

•Unfold the EZ-Towel and it's ready to use. From compressed coin to handy towel in seconds. A great product when health and hygiene are important.

•No scent or chemicals

Watch tutorial video here.