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XP Professional TENS Massager and Massage Pads

TENS Massage XP Dual-channel TENS Unit - muscle stimulation system that helps relieve minor muscle aches & pains. XP Features: Durable super-adhesive massage pads 6 modes for the perfect massage Automatic turn-off - Adjustable from 10 to 60 minutes. Long battery life with internal lithium ion battery 2-year warranty Stainless steel back Dual Output A Massage XP Unit Massage Pad Wires 2 Pair of Massage Pads - 1 Small Pair and 1 Large Pair Wall Charger USB Cable For Powering From Wall Charger or Computer.  Instruction manual included.


Small TENS Massage Pads
Large TENS Massage Pads
XL TENS Massage Pads